Floor Nostalgia

One step
Followed by many more
Dilapidating the wood floor

One tune
Sets bodies on the right track
Jarring voices sing and clap

One motion
Hands fly as dancers improvise
Designing gestures with deep drive

Fury and passion in major crescendo
Brings to an end the class of flamenco
Outside my hair dances with inquietude
The wind, stars and rain set a new mood


(I recently realized how I miss flamenco and the old place where the classes happened! And, by the way, I dedicate this poem to Terpsichore, Greek Muse of dance.)


17 thoughts on “Floor Nostalgia

    1. Lots of fun but so demanding! Thanks,Thingy! I read your contribution and liked it but I have problems with blogspot. Tango?

    1. Thanks, Jingle, number one Good Reader! During the next few days I am travelling, so I cannot be a good reader myself. I’ll double next week, since I enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

    1. I don’t dance for more than a year, since the teacher is being a mom for the first time. I was starting to enjoy when it stopped! I am happy when you read!

  1. Let me tell you that you picked 2 very different expressions. One of my flamenco colleagues was a belly dancer teacher and she had troubles in controlling her movements. Pick belly dancing if you want to seduce. Pick flamenco if you want to say it loud. As for the poem, I am not following rules but somehow it is kind of a free ballad. A flamenco ballad… I like it!

      1. Good hunt. It’s not an easy one, thought. If you have a Spanish embassy, consulate or any other representation near you, I am sure they know where to find a good teacher. Some dance academies have flamenco classes too. If you are not sure I suggest YouTube. I was lucky my teacher was a ballet dancer because I believe some flamenco is a bit rough and that can be discouraging. I am writing this and thinking about that episode with the snake!

    1. I’ll as soon as possible. Time zone here is different. I like when I wake up and read comments but I am usually busy for hours before I can read or comment back. Thanks, Luna.

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