Only You

we shall sail together
moments and centuries

lights and shadows
colors and amalgams

nights and long days
winds and motorways

stones and towns
sunsets and dawns

steps and civilizations
promises and realizations

hell and lost paradises
ice and tropical oases

we shall sail together
forest and desert landscapes

suns and dark holes
love, freedom and fate

drops and rain
routines and pain

faces and sites
crime and megabites

mistakes and bravery
patterns and diversity

words and solutions
peace and revolutions

doubt, joy and tragedy
omniscience and mystery

past and present
king and peasant

absurd and evidence
cause and consequence

concrete and abstract
the whole and the part

scribble and masterpiece
green tree and fallen leaf

thought, rage and tear
we shall sail with no fear

because only you shall remain
if you are that extraordinary particle
capable of starting this journey again

18 thoughts on “Only You

    1. I picked paralelism and an almost naïve rhyming because I am convinced the explanation for all this is very simple. I am glad you liked, Jessica!

  1. Loved this. So many journeys – opposites yet flowing together into one incredible ride.

    I loved the line, “crime and megabites”, too.


    1. An unusual flow of words for me… I am not that wordy as a rule! Thanks for reading, Victoria. As I am travelling right now, I can only reply to comments via phone. I’ll be back soon, anyway.

    1. Maybe the way I saw evolution was influenced by the fact that I was packing. It’s interesting how poetry easily reflects our lives. I just left a trout farm in the beginning of the plateau where Johannesburg is situated, ahead of me just a really nice road trip. Weather is fine and all is safe in this corner of the world. Thanks.

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