Do We Really Want the Truth?

I think some people like to “read” other people. At least I am always trying to understand behaviors and reactions. I know this is a boomerang activity since there are others analyzing, judging and cataloging people, including me. I even remember a few saying, as if protesting, that I am not “very readable”. The truth is that sometimes I don’t even know how to read myself.

One aspect I learned some time ago about people concerns the truth itself. Despite easily stating that we like to hear the truth, the reality is quite different and the majority reacts negatively when forced to face it.

The truth has objective and subjective components and we always play with them. If I say to the same person ‘You have blue eyes’ or ‘You have beautiful blue eyes’ or ‘You have cold blue eyes’, the reaction is necessarily different. For me the truth can be the unpleasant quality I observed in someone’s eyes. But am I being objective? Other people might think otherwise, including the owner of those eyes… There’s no way to deny the strong weight of subjectivity. We have this say: ‘If you love an ugly person, that person looks pretty to you.’ And that can be the reason why so many of us don’t like the truth. Objectivity can be mistaken by lack of love, lack of care, lack of kindness… Men are the group having more problems in dealing with the truth, usually showing little or none interest in hearing it.

In short, that’s what I’ve been observing… I sincerely can’t tell you a lot about myself. I know I like the truth but I’m not sure of my reactions to it. Either I am so unreadable I cannot read myself or people around me are too kind