Battles in the Dark

They are not legends of history
Still love gives them epic proportions

Epic proportions as in homeric tragedy
Epic distortions as in buffo comedy

Only the sky knows what can ever be
(But then who knows enough of the sky?)

Every epic love has an epic end
With dark epic battles in-between

Which battles do lovers epically fight?
Bodies, souls or broken hearts?

When they know what dying is like
All or nothing, nothing or all!


(Dedicated to Calliope, Greek Muse of Epic Poetry, and to other Muses here indirectly referred.)


5 thoughts on “Battles in the Dark

  1. Thanks, Evelyn. I truly enjoyed writing 4 poems with Poetry Month in mind, Luna’s nice initiative. Besides there’s a participation award assigned to this week entries… I have to say that I should have nominated you as a poet and as a reader, but I posted my vote before realizing I could have nominated other poets outside the 100’s list. So this is a special recognition to you, Evelyn, and to all other poets I’ve been reading (☺)!

    (You know something I like? When I see your winter gravatar next to mine… Somehow they fit so well together, don’t you agree?)

  2. To win an epic battle might be no win at all,
    My epic battles were ones I won right before the fall,
    But epic tales survived and continue in history,
    And battles won were really lost,unless told by me.

    I liked your epic poem.

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