The First Lights of the Day

The first lights of the day
When I first think of you
With passion, certitude and fear
Strong tea and decadent cake
Vivid materializations of my
Stubborn rages and meek essence
The liquid quality of the words
Surfacing the density of the night

The stretches of river yet to walk
The predictable and the unknown
The aim, the boat and its fragility
Amazing colors, shapes and names
Paths to discover, stories to thrillโ€ฆ
Simple pieces of a simple mechanism:
Life intensely lived, words, you and me
These are a few of my favorite things

35 thoughts on “The First Lights of the Day

  1. I loved your poem when I had read it the first time- you know when- wink!

    Very beautiful life- song! Just how the life goes and someone with an enlightened perspective views it!!

    Hugs xox

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