Strange Sea

I want to be
A calm strange sea
With no past or memory

I want to feel
The gush of sunken waves
With no expression or ordeal

I want to travel
The length of prismatic deeps
With no foreseen horizon or marvel

Sometimes I just want not to exist outside love…


61 thoughts on “Strange Sea

    1. Thanks, K! Talking of concrete poems, could this be one? There’s almost a wave-like shape… In fact I don’t really like to write following a form but feelings. Anyway, I am not indifferent to form.

      1. Good question, you are relating your feelings as a metaphor using the sea and waves and the poem does take the shape of waves upon the shore. It might be a little stretch depending on how literal someone wants to take the definition of concrete, but I’d say it passes. See you are more brilliant than ever!

    1. Simple words for two big things: sea and love. I write about love and I don’t like to complicate feelings, though sometimes I am a bit complicated myself. Thanks for reading, Marlene.

    1. Thanks, Jingle! I liked your Rally entry too and now I just have to check if your blog is one step comment… I don’t know what’s wrong. I just can’t comment. This is what I was trying to write about your poem: “I think positiveness is present in all stanzas, but for me the third one is more incisive… I like it!”

    1. I think we all have funny ideas from time to time, wish big… Not long ago I found myself trying to guess the average time a person is really in love. Imagine!

  1. Always I would agree with this, not sometimes! I love how you built up the poem to the end, Seabell! Thanks for a wonderful poem πŸ™‚

    Subscribing to you now!

    1. I think we only are trapped forever if we don’t have strong references… In any case, our natural wish is to love. Thanks for your nice comment!

  2. I’m liking this. Smooth, beautiful imagery; great soothing voice. The last line kind of rerouted me a bit. But then I read it from that POV and found it just as lovely. Great skills on display..

    Henry Clemmons

  3. That is a great poem, I could really feel the emotion. Just the type of poetry I love to read, great work. Oh, and thanks for dropping by my blog.

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