Would Be Poem












Kiss me on the neck
I beg
Into the trap of your arms
I fall
Avidly kissing you back
I sail
From one curl to your chest
I linger
My skin against your skin
I burn
Love me just one time
(Just one time, my love)
I ask
So I can love endlessly

One time
Is more than enough


(The Week 4 poem is for my favorite Muse: Erato of Lyric Poetry!)
Photo by Magma.

14 thoughts on “Would Be Poem

    1. This poem has no other meaning to me than describing love in two different prisms: physical and platonic. I think they are important to define lyric.

  1. I loved your words! This is a very fine piece of work. Lady, I so love reading such ones- absolutely sensual and yet with so much love.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hugs xox

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