Change Is My Middle Name

So many things have been changing in my life that Change might as well be a suitable middle name for me. Though I wasn’t aware of it back then, the change started in 2009. It happened from the inside out. I grew deeply bored. Things started to lose their usual shine. I looked around and everything seemed wrong. By then a tiny little star still rocked my days: hope, stubbornness or simple accommodation? In 2009 I still believed that my world could only change in a possible way, a very naïve expectation to have.

Then came 2010, a year of difficult changes I wasn’t prepared to face. It started with a really painful blow: the death of a loved one. From then on other hard moments were just like pain under anesthesia. I don’t really remember how many bad things I had to face throughout last year. That chain of negative situations was possible just because I let myself fall into a trap of negative people.

April 2011 is ending now and I can see the results of 4 consecutive months of positiveness. I can see a new fresh dimension to the word change, a completely new conjugation. I don’t feel so bored because I have plans and I am achieving things I couldn’t before. Important things improving the way I live, such as (finally!) adapting to new contact lenses. If things still don’t shine the way they should, maybe it’s just because they are supposed to be dull. And when I look around and see wrong, I don’t feel wrong myself any longer…

There was a time I was wrong
There was a time I felt less strong
There was a time I had doubts and fears
There was a time I could melt in tears
Now those times are forever gone