Northern Beach

I walk for hours a northern beach
A gadget shuffling from song to song
It’s been over a year my mind is set on this
Pure and simple proposition

Love doesn’t exist

Every step I take
I fear

I could be incisively wrong


30 thoughts on “Northern Beach

    1. Hope is another interesting element. It sounds like this: 1) Love doesn’t exist. 2) We hope it does exist. 3) We hope that the kind of love we have is the real deal. (A bit cynical today! 🙂 )

  1. Love exists my friend.People confuse love to be lust and that’s what is making love difficult to find.When you look beyond what we see, you will find true love.
    Any nice poem and hope you good.Meanwhile plz do pass by my blogs page read,follow and comment to aid me improve my works too.Thank you.Lovely day.

    1. I am glad your life experience led you to a different conclusion. I always respect other opinions and expect the same back.

      In terms of love, this is how we usually think:
      Love is perfect (false)
      Perfection doesn’t exist (true)
      Thus love doesn’t exist (false)

      My line of thought in this poem changes completely the wrong proposition and the wrong conclusion:
      I want love to be perfect (true)
      Perfection doesn’t exist (true)
      Thus love doesn’t exist (true)

      See what I mean?

  2. I love the imagery here. The beach will remind you that love exist — the sand and the water are different but they love each other 🙂

  3. Please BELIEVE me when I tell you love does indeed exist. Never fear love, embrace it with every ounce of your being…it’s what we were created for.

    1. If my position is so strange why sentences like: “Do you believe in love?” It is obvious to me that some people don’t believe in love. Apparently they had bad experiences or none at all. Remember that in this matter we can only trust in our own personal experiences… (I enjoyed your quest for love entry, but I have problems when commenting blogspot poets…)

  4. Hmmm – I think I understand where you are coming from … I believe love exists … but I also believe that Hollywood and Fairy Tales have distorted our perception of what we expect love should be like … we have to look beyond this … unfortunately so many beautiful either cannot or will not or don’t know how … I do know, Divine Love is there for the asking … but we have to open to it with an open heart and open mind. Human love – we have to look beyond our often ill-conceived perception – I am guilty as well. xoxox

    1. Exactly… How many of us are not disappointed and having serious doubts? We do have the potential to love and be loved, but it never happens the way it should have happened… We all have the potential to swim but some never had that experience. In terms of love, I am thinking about all those women marrying under a contract, submissive for life but terribly disappointed and incapable of finding a way out. Such situations still happen. Economical dependency. Mistakes of all sort. I sincerely believe that there are out there many men and women so disappointed with love (human kind, obviously) that stop believing at all. Anyway, I always liked rhetoric questions. They are good for our mind. What goes in my heart I don’t even dare to know. I am the kind to close it with seven keys and forget where I hide them… Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Becca!

  5. I enjoyed this and had to re-read it several times..I see a double negative and read into it that you are afraid that love does exist.. not that it doesn’t.
    Whichever it is, you seem to be trying to emerge from dark times so good luck and be positive 🙂

    1. I am afraid to be wrong about the conclusion I reached. If love exists then I am completely wrong, nothing else. I am not afraid that love exists or not. No positive or negative reaction, just the fear to be wrong. I suppose we all know this kind of fear. I am pretty positive, don’t worry. 🙂 Just a bit provocative, here and there. I write about love. Without it I would be silent.

    1. An exercise for a curious mind… Do we believe in love or do we want to believe in love? There are so many questions around the same theme! And thanks for your tour!

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