nas manhãs de perfeito denso azul
quando acordar é rosa lânguido
nas tardes de cinzento vento sul
quando sorrir é de ouro cândido
em cada crepúsculo vermelho tingido
por negro da noite ainda manso
pinto este sofrer tão reprimido
da tua ausência em branco


in mornings of perfect dense blue
when awakening is rose languid
in afternoons of ash south wind
when smiling is golden candid
in every red crepuscule marked
by the still soft dark of the night
comes this pain hardly repressed
of your absence in white


The story beneath this poem:
My poems are in the language I imagine them. Usually ideas and words come the way they end up. Not this time. I had a poem along the line: “There was a time when love had all the colors…” Then, coming from nowhere, I wrote the above poem in Portuguese. I liked its sobriety so much (when colors are at stake) I couldn’t think about writing another one. I started to play with it and ended up with an English version. I instantly decided to use it and keep the original for myself. Again, someone told me that the original was far better than the version and, just because of that, my option went for sharing both.

I write in English for various reasons, being learning the main one. I know that other poets are doing the same: writing in more than one language. In part, this post is for them too. I don’t really know if the Portuguese version is better than the English one. Comprehensively, I feel more confident about it. Still, I like the English words too. What I want to say is that I was able to express the same feeling through different instruments. It’s as if poetic language could overcome the usual barrier languages represent and that feels great!


30 thoughts on “Branco

  1. The English version is so beautiful,the Portuguese one must be exquisite if you value it more. The colors blue,rose,ash,golden,red and white paint a ethereal canvas of emotions that are soft yet filled with pain. Loved it and wish I could read Portuguese too!

    1. I like both and to tell you the truth was quite surprised to hear someone say that one was stronger than other… I learned to appreciate an opinion frontally said, still I have doubts. When I heard about colors, spring and rainbow I automatically thought “school composition”. My aim was colors with maturity, sobriety… I think I reached this goal on both poems and I already read 8 poets who I truly think have reached the same goal. I had an unjustified fear. I suppose my teachers gave me too many spring homework… 🙂

  2. This is just beautiful.And you are truly blessed to be able to write in multiple languages with equally mesmerizing talent.I don’t understand the Portuguese one,but if it’s anywhere nearly as enticing as the English one,you have a winner there.Just absolutely adored it!

  3. Absolutely lovely!!!! I enjoy the imagery’s use of color … an artist’s palette. Of course, I base this on the English version, as I do not read, write or speak Portuguese … however, it is a lovely sounding language. I suspect the Portuguese version, your original version, is sublime!! Thank you for sharing both with us.

    1. In fact, I know people who regard Portuguese as a very poetic language owing to its structural complexity and multiplicity of meanings… I do think poetic is wonderful in every single language of the world. Thanks, Becca!

  4. I wish I could hear this read in its original form. In English was beautiful, I can only imagibe. You are the master of smooth. Loved it.

    Mine is on the less exquisite orange butterfly:)

    1. Actually I went along with that line and wrote a second poem around colors. Let me see if I risk a second translation. 🙂

      There was a time love had all the colors of a rainbow
      There was a time light was looking into your eyes
      There was a time dark was an excuse for a kiss
      There was a time secrets were your breath in my ear
      There was a time fear was for holding hands
      There was a time songs could only talk about us
      There was a time spring surreptitiously forgot to end
      There was a time I still amazed with all that was

  5. i needed some colors in my day.
    thank you.
    beautifully and carefully constructed – i appreciate you sharing this piece!

    1. Um poeta perfeito! That’s how we say it. Anyway, perfection is so relative! The way I see it, maybe a goal to keep us trying to do better… Thanks for liking! 🙂

  6. The English version was wonderful, and being able to read a bit of the Portuguese I can say the same thing. Beautiful words.

    1. I am so glad you liked both! I was hoping to hear that, not in the sense of wishing double approval but as a plain confirmation of my impression that both are readable… So where the Portuguese comes from? 🙂

    1. I am so glad to hear your opinion, especially coming from a bubbling personality! 🙂 (I loved reading you but don’t dare to comment since I have a problem with blogspot entries!)

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