Wine, Blood and Mosquitoes

Strange things have been happening lately. We should have cold, yet days are hot like summer. This was a mild, mosquitoes free summer. No mosquitoes usually implies dry weather. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that dry. And now (winter time in this part of the globe) we still have very hot days and the mosquitoes finally arrived like uninvited late guests.

The still long hot days demand special meals, like grills and so many other recipes with prawns. Last Sunday I cooked lunch and the boys were left with dinner. There’s a very yummy prawn dish prepared with bread. It’s like a savoury bread pudding, with a strong presence of fresh coriander leaves. When the “chefs” are inspired it’s to die for! It shone particularly bright thanks to a bottle of capetownian Merlot wine. Pure velvet. It’s one of the few wines I still drink without wishing a new head the next morning. Besides, I only had the recomended two glasses! It would be impossible to be “happy” with such small portion. But this wine is ideal for a cold climate. Velvet means soft, and at the same time hot. It raised my blood temperature very fast, without the usual dizziness associated with wine.

Long minutes after, when I didn’t even remember the wine I had over dinner, I heard the sound of a mosquito I had never heard before. The tiny little insect sounded like one of those war planes going down after being hit. I was really amazed by such loud zzzzzzzz… Then I noticed: before zooming down the mosquito had bitten my arm. While desinfecting the area I described the mosquito incident to the cooking pair and was reminded, by one of the “chefs”, that only female mosquitoes transmit malaria and die after the bite. He said I had killed it with my anti-mosquito blood. He always amazes with the fact that I never get malaria like other people do. The second “chef” just added with a smile: ‘No way! You killed it with the Merlot. What do you think that amazing zoooommmmmmmm was? You got that mosquito so drunk with Merlot!’ (Could such atrocity be possible?)


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    1. Indeed. And they are an extreme example of addiction. Thanks for reading and for showing (remembering?) a new word to me: bender! 🙂

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