I knew thirty-two different places
Way before having my very own
My father was an addicted traveller
My sedentary mother dragged along
The last move he categorically imposed
She broke expensive Chinese porcelain
Since to that number he added ten more
Sacrificing golden vases was just in vain

She talked about those houses every day
Some royal palaces, some unsuitable to stay
We, children, could easily get lost in most
In one I even found a serviceable ghost
Today I live in a cold grey stone castle
From where I don’t plan to move so soon
My dream cabana being just a bad mess
I’ve returned to my impregnable fortress


22 thoughts on “Thirty-Two

  1. What a journey seabell,I’ve just read the story about the ghost and bad dreams…. memories are hurtful many times, and often not so very easy to share…
    Great and powerful poem….

  2. Tough travels – I can see the attraction of a single place to you. I often worry in the other direction about my children – living their whole lives in the same town (so far!).

  3. You are a true story teller in the very sense of the word! Your poetry speaks volumes and I’m awfully fond of them. Nostalgic and comfortable, they always manage to strike me deep. Thank you for sharing such beautiful stuff!

    1. I like reading and writing stories. It is not trouble free though, since English is not my first language. In terms of difficulty, from easy to hard, I rate: poetry, stories and comments. Each comment that I reply (and I insist in doing so) is like a puzzle to solve. I never seem to find the right words. For instance, now i am getting too wordy when I should just thank you for being so kind… 🙂

  4. There was so much hidden in this poem, Seabell… and you’ve said it so well… sometimes, the conditions we are in make us wanna have something else.. but when we do indeed get what we want, we wonder if that’s what we had asked for..
    A very thought provoking read this is! Very nice!

  5. love it.

    smart message.


    How have you been?

    I have been sick last week, sorry for missing some of your potluck entries.
    Hope to see you join our poetry potluck week 36 today!

    Week 36 Theme is sketches, images, and impressions,
    But you are NOT required to submit theme fitting pieces, old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are all welcome…

    Looking forward to reading you again.


    1. I am very obedient… 🙂 In reality I like given themes, even if I have the tendency to very personal interpretations! Thanks!

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