The Inevitability of Winter

It’s still in short sleeves that I write this, when just a couple of years ago I would be wearing a warm coat. the last days have been so summery that I keep playing with the idea of winter skipping this small corner of the world. Despite such daring thoughts, I act believing in the inevitability of the next season.

This week I started my winter drawer tour. So unconvinced! Winter clothes can be so boring! I don’t remember buying a single item for this winter, except for a good pair of walking boots. First I was tempted by riding boots (a move more “alentejano” than fashion), then I concluded that I would be doing a double silliness: if the thought of boots in a country where the cold season lasts only two months is ridiculous, imagine riding boots when you don’t plan riding a horse in the near future!

I am not sure of what I shall wear for this “cold” season but if this break persists I think a dress and a cardigan will be more than enough. I also feel like being creative, depending on time and mood.