Thunder Hearts

At gentle dawn
A thunderhead
Army of clouds
An ugly thread
A liquid fury
Without rhyme
The wrong flood
Out of their time

A thunderstorm
Never born far
Never far gone
A gentle smile
So gently smiled
A gentle tear
So gently cried
By lovers only

At gentle dawn

Thunder hearts
Thunder in mine


This is the story… I am currently working pro bono to create a magazine on behalf of poor children with serious heart disease. The moment I saw the flood theme I could only think about those children and their sad gentleness. This poem is about them.


34 thoughts on “Thunder Hearts

  1. You’ve absolutely caught the gentleness and edge of sadness in this poem, and the contrast with the darkness and power of a storm. Very different from everything else I’ve read and much more subtle and difficult to bring off.
    Very enjoyable. Thanks.

    1. I take all the nice comments on this poem on behalf of those children. I just wrote about them. Their gentleness, despite everything they go through, is the only amazing aspect I can think about right now.

    1. They called me as a photographer and soon I found they really needed an editor… Anyway, I’ve done what I could in photographic terms, before calling a photographer friend capable of doing a better job. Inside pictures are a bit tricky! Thanks! 🙂

  2. A fanstastic write that the tenderness of the words just deepened as I read your summary behind the words…

    1. It’s just a special commemorative issue. I doubt I would be strong enough to be altruistic on a regular basis. That’s why I admire social and medical workers who dedicate their lives to this kind of job. I’m just offering a few weeks… 🙂

    1. It’s good for one’s skin, not to talk about the soul… (I read your very well written war text. Absolutely! I have to do something in order to be able to comment some blogspot blogs. If the situation persists I’ll have to do it. There’s no escape!)

    1. How could I refuse if the institution in question is operating children for nothing, when the real bill of such surgical interventions is usually above USD20.000?

    1. Now I am focused… I have the confirmation of a first class photographer for this mag issue! A happy thanks to you! I am all smiles!!! 🙂

  3. This is just beautiful, Seabell–I love the name and that it is dedicated to children with heart disease. Good luck with the magazine–I wish it great success and prosperity.

    1. I’m glad you noticed the name… You are the first and it is really important. I was fascinated, during a class, by the sounds a bad heart can produce and the importance they have for a correct diagnostic.

    1. I have always so many doubts… Well, it’s good to hear nice words. Sometimes they make me think that I could be wrong. Thanks!

    1. These children have soft, beautiful hearts! And I’ve been very excited with the children’s party tomorrow, a special opportunity to be with them. Thanks, Luna!

    1. Thanks, Becca! I am glad that I am replying to you today, after spending the afternoon with a group of convalescent children and a friend photographer. In this little girl it is possible to see the operation scar they all have right in the middle of their chest. For this pic, they had difficulties to understand what the photographer wanted from them, so I said: “Get together on the ground and look at the sky!” They smiled a lot with the idea and that was really moving because these children have such a way of showing sadness and joy!

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