Best of May 2011

I can say that I reached the goal I set to myself when I started writing this blog: I wouldn’t stop until I could recover an underwater “treasure” I had in mind. The last months were a bit difficult since friends well positioned constantly informed us that the underwater cargo in question was leaving this country and, with it, my 5 years dream seemed gone too.

The last week I was told that the people who took that cargo intended to recognize the Mozambican rights over a part of the “treasure” and (surprise, surprise!) the authorities from this country had decided to reward our private interest, not only trying to recover the cargo but also defending the Mozambican point of view. So it’s not entirely bad news, after all!

I am not expecting a fortune, still I have to admit that after all this time some is better than none. Besides, we took no risk other than time and a few expenses. I could close this chapter of my life right away, but I only believe in a half victory when the enemy retreats. In short, it will take some time before I see any concrete result. There’s still a residual taste of underachievement that, sooner or later, will eventually led to another treasure pursuit. There’s also poetry, since this writing space is becoming more and more a poetic ground.

So here I am divided between: 1) Cash and fly away. 2) Stay and chase new dreams. 3) Keep writing Tales From the Sea or finding a different niche for my words. What I am sure right now is that I am not yet in a position to decide. I just wanted to write down that my quest is almost over.

It could end better. It could end worse. My quest experienced phases. It started as a family dream. It soon became a matter discussed by companies and even countries. It went through difficult and hopeful periods. Fulfilling dreams is like one of those sweet and sour dishes. I look back and this end is so different from what I imagined! I feel so different myself! What a reality lesson the last years have been!


2 thoughts on “Best of May 2011

  1. We often have metal detectors asking to survey the fields here hoping for Roman or Saxon treasure sometimes they have been successful. A few years ago a man found a Saxon brooch that ended in a Museum, but mostly what comes out are old horse shoes or a few coins. Of course some of these guys around the country have been incredibly successful, but for most I suspect its a way to spend a few hours away from home exercising a mild obsession. But mix in the Sea and everything changes, a friend, who passed away a couple of years ago, spent many hours diving of the coast near Dover and if it had been possible would have devoted much more to it. There ieems so much more mystery and danger to the sea. Your search sounds fascinating and frustrating – hope it works out well. Keep up the poetry!

    1. Funny to have you here, when I was nostalgically reading old posts and realizing how poetry has always been present… In terms of my own search, I am in a phase that only 3 things can happen: 1) Getting zero. 2) Getting some. 3) Getting a good deal. In fact, I am so used to this kind of waiting that soon I’ll have another treasure to hunt. I think I’ve been hunting treasures all my life. It started when I was 4 or 5 years old. I was living in Ilha de Moçambique then. If you are still in that hospital you can read what I wrote about it a couple of years ago:
      The places where we live (or lived) have a word to say in terms of our searching mood, definitively!

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