Best of June 2011

June was a party month for us. We had a birthday and a national holiday to celebrate. I knew the birthday party was a success the moment one of the guests qualified it this way: ‘Five stars!’ He must know what he talks about since he is always showing up on those social event pages. My contribution was setting up the menu and I also had a small part in its execution: clams; prawn cocktail; prawn açorda; a traditional delicacy I don’t dare to eat or even to describe, reported as an instant cure for the worse excess of drinking; Brazilian feijoada; Brazilian churrasco; and black forest cake.

I was also on kitchen duty during the 25th holiday since chef Tieta was celebrating the Mozambican Independence Day. She has double reasons for that: she is the same age of this country. George was in charge of cooking these guys and I prepared a meatloaf using spicy dry meat from South Africa to give it an African twist. During the birthday we toasted with too many bottles to tell. As for the national holiday, we toasted with a very light and pleasant Merlot from Spain, inexpensive too, if compared with most South African wines.

Despite all the festive occasions and a couple of short trips too, my best of June is welcoming a new family member and starting to write a book I have to finish in three months. The book is not about the money, handy as it may be. I am completely seduced with the idea of enabling someone to tell a story worth to tell.