Best of July 2011

Two main issues dominated this cold July of 2011: a book and a home makeover. The book is happening very fast, since half of it is supposed to be image. As for the outdoors makeover, it’s fast yet not fast enough. I have lots of worries in terms of quality, since I picked the cheapest workmanship so that I could opt for quality of finish material.

Makeover? Book? I was undecided about one or the other when someone close to me sent me this tender(?) message: “Little Seabell, or should I say naggy editor and dreamy decorator (etcetera).” You see how evident my actual concerns are to the world. Besides, you have a pretty good description of what I actually do and the kind of person I am. I know I am not easy in terms of writing and I know I have the tendency of skipping reality when I want things to happen. Hopefully, I am more than that. I believe that when we know someone for a very long period of time, we have this awkward tendency of simplifying what the other person is, just as if he or she was some sort of Mathematical equation already solved.

Anyway, that message simplified more than my own self. It simplified my options. If it is that clear to others what my present is about, than be it. My best of July 2011 is writing and building. Or maybe I should put it this way:

Word or brick?
You pick… 🙂


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