From Zero to Hero…

I was feeling down. My construction project wasn’t progressing at the expected pace. Every single day I had to face unforeseen problems. It has been like this for a month. I should be in control, yet a simple outdoors makeover and all the multiple aspects associated with it have been controlling me.

This Thursday I had an appointment with a dermatologist. Fair skin in a sunny country obliges. That seemed to be just another obstacle on the windy road to makeover success.

Now that I am back home, I have to admit a two days break worked wonders for my stressed mood. My skin doctor was the first positiveness injection. Nice doctor couldn’t find anything offending his skin philosophy: soft and even.

I heard so many positive comments I had to conclude: ‘If a trusted doctor finds me so well when I am feeling so bad, I suppose I don’t have real reasons to feel that way.’

The rest of our travel to South Africa was about selecting outdoors furniture. A new me also deserved a bit of pampering: new summer shoes and a matching bag.

In terms of fun, we visited a couple of nice restaurants, explored a cellar for new Merlot aquisitions and visited a game logde right before returning to Mozambique, where I found a remarkable advance in my projected makeover. Hopefully, my stress will remain somewhere in the lowveld


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