I was reminded of a 2004 movie, based on a cult book, because of two accidental facts: 1) I recently read about it on my Sunday newspaper supplement. 2) I read a poem by someone feeling miserable after a broken relationship.

‘She is incapable to forget!’ I said to myself.

I think I don’t have to mention I am talking about “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. I like it very much, obviously. Still, strong-minded as I am, there’s something irritating about that fictional romance. Undecided people are not my favorite cup of tea and I see (or suspect) a lot of indecision around one of the characters.

The curious is that from this week on I’ll start to appreciate this movie a lot better and under a more realistic perspective. Spotless minds (in the sense spotless consciences) do forget. They don’t have to ask someone to erase memories. I have no doubt of that. The question is: do they forget just because they have a natural inclination to forget or because the person they forget about doesn’t deserve to be remembered?