Best of August 2011

August was about love and hate. Puzzled? Don’t be. My house is in a mess just because I am following one of my dreams. I love what I am doing and proving to be right to someone who said I would never be. Still, I hate the fact that every day I have to deal with unforeseen problems and budget figures.

There’s still a lot to be done but I started to see a faint light at the end of the mad tunnel where I am. This has been a sunny week. Maybe because the players of this game are (finally!) buying my dreams, I felt a positive momentum amongst them. So, without further ado, I present my construction team:

1. Bricklayer Luís. He is a local Casanova.
2. Concrete expert Leonardo (junior). He rushes every afternoon to school.
3. Plumber chef Leonardo (senior). Much better talking than working.
4. Plumber aid Thomas. He does the job.
5. Aid of aid plumber Ernesto. Thomas’ buddy.
6. Aid of aid of aid plumber Elton. Another buddy.
7. Tile man Jardel. Better than the soccer (football) star. He is good. He delivers.
8. Electrician Lisboa. I can rely on him.
9. Jeito, my door and windows man. He is moody.
10. Carpenter Mateus. He is also a priest of one of those new churches.
11. Locksmith António and his nephew Leonel. He is a nice hard working fellow.
12. Painting team Manuel and Francisco. They usually sign that we moved forward.
13. Gito and his girls. They materialized an awning that wasn’t planned.
14. The kitchen fitting team.
15. Frank and his design gardens.
16. Last but not least, stone expert Orlando. He studied in Germany to be a textile technician but became a stone layer, a good one so far.

And as if hearing and solving all the questions and requests of twelve people wasn’t enough, I still have a book to finish… 🙂