Wind and Stones

It’s curious how construction projects have always unexpected sides. Having family and summer in mind, I embarked on this outdoors makeover I keep talking about. This is the first week my project looks enjoyable. The backyard is almost ready and next week the remaining group (Orlando, Thomas and Leonardo) is supposed to start the front, knowing that most of the job is already done. The front part is about rejuvenating an old floor and keeping the stone theme throughout the exterior.

I was expecting the usual improvement any makeover is supposed to bring. What I wasn’t expecting is the strange feeling of being inside a Brontë’s book, probably Wuthering Heights. The reason is the stone that I associate with rural construction and a system of three roofs with different highs where the wind insists to play, producing hair-raising howls. Tunnelled wind has this tendency of sounding really strange. As it is evident, I am not doing a thing about it since the effect is dramatic and romantic. Let’s just say: if the wind has ways of telling, in this house it moans and cries.

I hope no doomed romance happens inside these walls, since I am just expecting a nice summer story with a happy ending. I don’t want complicated issues around my makeover. Stone and loud wind is all the romanticism I can take for now.