She Kills the Birds

My backyard is almost ready and all the mess has migrated to the front. Tuesday was a local holiday (Peace Day) celebrating the signature of a peace agreement between Mozambique and South Africa. Wednesday morning my makeover players reappeared with that long weekend lazy look. I had to shake them up. I know I am right. It has been almost three months and they don’t seem to be in a hurry. I definitively am.

During the holiday it was so quiet that groups of 2 or 3 birds decided it was okay to land, feed and chirp all over my backyard. I’m starting to believe birds have an esthetical sense, since it’s the first time they visit this specific area. Finally, something good is coming out of this mess.

To my dismay, our new guard Alexandre informed me that my dog Keketh is killing birds as fast as she can. I don’t know what to do. Paul believes the birds came here for the plants. I am undecided between this place, where they frequently perch, or the freshness of the floor. I am treating dog Thoth with antibiotics, from a skin condition related with exposure to concrete and dust. It’s just a skin allergy, nothing serious.

The main feature of this makeover is the spa area. For now it’s just an empty space (4m x 3m), ready to receive the shower and Jacuzzi. I call it spa because Leonardo senior, our plumber, for reasons that I completely ignore, insisted it wouldn’t be appropriated to have an outdoor shower with hot water. Since the Jacuzzi operates with hot water, I immediately saw the potentiality of cold and hot baths. A spa was born.

Another aspect I couldn’t implement was the electrical accessories. They were supposed to be coppery or golden to go with the stone, but I was forced to accept the existing silver.

The second main feature is the suite, being the annexe bathroom the most beautiful achievement. In short, my backyard makeover is about: 1) Stone. 2) White walls. 3) Some contrasting blacks. 4) Plants. 5) Green shadows. 6) Large doors opening to a 10m x 16m patio. 7) White curtains – not yet ready. 8) Summer – still a bit shy.


2 thoughts on “She Kills the Birds

    1. I am having all kind of problems with the pictures and very little time and patience to solve them. I am trying to finish a book this weekend. The place I call spa area looks a bit dull (and impressive), but it’s going to be playful since the visible side of the Jacuzzi is very white and the sitting area around can be lifted with cushions. Today I was very happy to see a 12m support for white curtains being successfully put in place by Alexandre and Albino. (Our new guards are AA. They are cousins. Albino came from Johannesburg where he worked as a gardener and Alexandre from Cape Town where he was a baker learning patisserie. Imagine!) Today I solved a problem and discovered a couple of new ones. Hopefully, this makeover is going to be over before the end of October. No wonder I opted for “New Guinea Impatience”, if I understood well the name of the plant with colorful flowers I recently got. I’ll try to post more pictures soon, but this is what I bought to go with the white curtains. Meanwhile it waits in our kitchen. People have a similar reaction when I hung 7 paintings in our kitchen walls. They usually say it looks like an hotel, but they accept it very well since people usually accept fun ideas easily. Good news is: Thoth is better!!!

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