Artist Sensibility

Over the last couple of weeks I found myself facing an incredible argument of my doubtful skilled construction workers: their artist sensibility. I completely ignored this artistic side of them and lately they keep remembering me of that in a way to make me feel miserable about any payment or reword.

The champion of this warfare campaign is stone layer Orlando. His guerilla argument is that he usually designs jewelry and, just because of that, I guess he is expecting doubling the amount we initially agreed. Fair chance.

I had to substitute a few workers because of such arguments or the poor quality of their work. Painters Francisco and Manuel were the first to go. They defended strange theories about painting. The application of such theories was a complete disaster. I contracted two other regular painters with a much classical approach and far better results: Amós and Arnaldo.

Besides being a plumber, Thomas is reportedly able to build computers. I gave him the chance to show that side and the result was null. The day a tap exploded and a projectile of extremely hot water invaded my brand new suite, I simply send him away. Instead I called Adolfo, a plumber I can trust and know since ages.

I find myself surrounded by woodcrafters, painters and even patisserie artists. They work just for money. It’s a sign of high unemployment. I wasn’t expecting to feel so stressed when the end of this project is at sight. I sleep a lot. Wouldn’t you when a bunch of people look at you and only see money?


2 thoughts on “Artist Sensibility

  1. Yes I would be. Sometimes they think they can pull the wool over your eyes because they “know” more of their trade than you…I don’t like that.

  2. It is a difficult situation because I care about them and at the same time I have to be hard or else… Being fair is a very important aspect of the way I relate with others. When people keep telling or suggesting that I am not fair, then I get angry and stressed.

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