My Construction War

Maybe I need to remember, from time to time, how close construction projects are to sceneries of war. With this post I just intend to prove that.

The Jacuzzi arrived on the 18th and I wasn’t surprised it had to be that particular day. I don’t believe 8 is a lucky number, yet it follows me in a very strange way. The measurements were wrong and we had to redo the place. In terms of war, let’s just admit it: we missed the target. Orlando, my stone layer, philosophically said: ‘Measurements are a very important issue!’ Who is to blame? We all added to the mistake, including Orlando, but in the end of the day I know I am going to answer for that.

My dogs are super excited with the comings and goings of strange people. When they are excited I am the first one to feel that. I have all kind of bruises over my legs. And it hurts. There are other minor injuries to be reported, mainly due to careless stone handling.

With all the strangers entering this house I wasn’t surprised to discover a couple of things missing. Only on the 18th, nine strangers came inside carrying the Jacuzzi. Yet, it was the day before I noticed something missing and could act.

One of the two guys called to substitute the drain system of one of the air conditioners took one of the rings I am currently wearing. It has a very dark stone, almost black. I called them back, half an hour after they left, and said to the suspect: ‘I am not asking if you did it. I am asking to have my ring back.’ To the surprise of the nearby workers finishing the front stone floor, he picked the black stone ring from a plastic bag he was carrying and put it straightly in the middle of the palm of my hand. I could hear the ahs and hops on my back.

Is there a lesson to be learned? Construction projects are a decade thing for me. They hurt that long. As for the ring, the message is clear. It is very rare to get back a ring that I like. Something is about to change. Clearly. Wars are a strong painful changing factor.


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