In terms of cleaning and organizing things, I divide the world into the following categories: 1) People who are good at cleaning and organizing for us or/and themselves. 2) People who are not good at one or both. 3) Neutral people.

I think I belong to the last cathegory. Having some organizer tendency, I usually stay neutral. That means I avoid to be messy so I don’t have to do things or ask others to do them.

When neutral people have to step out of their neutrality they don’t feel happy at all. Natural born cleaners and organizers are happy. Neutrals are just forced to a role because they need and appreciate clean and organized. They appreciate or only function in a clean, well organized environment. As it is evident, the active role of neutral people is optional and varies with circumstances and personality.

Because I owned and managed two hotel shops, my neutrality is kind of compromised. I became a lot more sensitive to organizing & cleaning. It got even worse. One legacy of those years is my “decorative sickness”. I need to decorate the place I am in often and expect to live there like if it was the window of a shop: always beautiful, perfect and organized. And I expect other people to understand and respect that. Compreensibly, they don’t. Somehow I know I am wrong to pretend people live inside a window, still I try… 🙂


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