Best of October 2011

Eclipse of the Moon nominated me recently for The Versatile Blogger Award. The coincidence of receiving this award, when just today I commemorate 5 years of blogging and was inclined to stop, is my “best of October”.

I am not sure if I should call it coincidence or sign, but I surely give a particular meaning to this specific award. Maybe I’ll not quit blogging just because of it. Still, I need a long break because my life is out of track. I’ve been doing a lot in terms of writing a book and managing a home makeover with my family in mind. It happens that at the same time I have to face urgent family issues.

There are a few things out of control in my life. I have to face the facts that are causing me pain. I have to get my life back. I created a sort of oasis at home, now I have to find my own nomad soul to live in there.


4 thoughts on “Best of October 2011

  1. The family stress is nothing new and I know it fades away, as always. Above all I am fighting against a chain of negative events that are causing me deep pain. Only yesterday I learned that someone I loved and needed in my life, as a friend, died in a car accident. Her heart couldn’t survive the injuries she suffered. And I feel devastated. I cannot accept negative facts in my life because I don’t know how to deal with them. That’s why I run and hide.

    She was my nutritionist. Speaking with her twice a year was one of the few genuine pleasures of my life. There’s a strange story associated with her death. The last time I saw her, in Johannesburg, we went together to a supermarket because she wanted to show a particular tea she liked. Before we said good-bye, she hugged me the way people hug when they somehow know. I just couldn’t realize it was the last time. How could I?

    The question is that I am planning a trip to SA and I’ve been trying insistently to reach her, when she has been dead for almost a month. My last message to her asked if for some reason she was crossed with me. Her son just informed me yesterday, probably because he only got her mom’s phone back very recently. And I only can say that this overwhelming feel of loss, that I cannot shake away from me, grew immensely over the last weeks, as it is even notorious in my blogging activity. I don’t even know what to say.

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