Best of 2011 (One Year, Twelve Stars)

My horoscope on the Sunday newspaper was usually so spot on that I started to collect a few just to see if I could write a decent post summarizing what 2011 has been for me. Let’s start by the beginning:

During January of 2011, I found myself wondering about horoscopes and their reliability. My first horoscope of the year stated two things: 1) I was living an introspective period. 2) I was going to win the lottery.

The next horoscope said pretty much the same. To be more precise, I quote: “There’s money about and it’s hoping to be found by you. Start small and welcome the millions. The universe only stops when you do. Take a chance. Take lots of chances.”

(So I took a few and still no shadow of those millions… At least the introspective part was real!)

“Yesterday’s full moon was zoned in on love and commitment. Are you ready? Have you already made the leap? Either way, love needs a deeper look as you make use of recently added charm to make new magic. Money is the other big issue as opportunities to make some arrive. Choose carefully. Think fun.” or “A surprising twist shakes even someone as unshakeable as you. Success is waiting for you, though it may mean a radical change of direction. Even so, all this stress is draining your energy. So if you can’t manage a break, at least get a massage. Better still, find someone to talk to. You’re in for a hectic time.”

(I picked the massage suggestion… 🙂 )

“Uncertainty is not a word you are fond of. But if you are honest, it’s the only place from which true creativity springs. So pour over the investment portfolios if you must, but remember there’s a miniature Aquarian inside, dying to get out and play. Yes, money is good, relationships need work and property is up. But how about a life?”

(I’ll take care of that… And yes, I am Aquarian, born Dragon. The idea of a playful miniature living inside is quite interesting. The fact that we are days away from another Dragon year too.)

One of these two are from April, they are not really that different: “This could be a week when a gorgeous stranger pitches up on a dark night. (Kind of scary!!!) More likely though, is that romance comes from someone you already know. Don’t feel pressured. You can always say no. But it’s nice to know that you are in demand. Alternatively, take a break. Your body is screaming for attention.” The second one: “The pace is speeding up again. You’ve been a mental couch potato far too long. There’s a new drive to write, create, learn things. Relationships liven up, with lots of interesting new input and romantic potential. So have a party. But watch your phone bill. It really could get way out of hand.”

(Key word this month: POTENTIAL!!!)

“There are those who love you, and those who are jealous as hell. Don’t get involved. Just stay charming and forgive them, and they’ll have no choice but to find someone else to fight with. You yourself have other fish to fry, mostly at work. Make sure you have the energy to finish what you start.”

(Somehow it addresses the period I was living back in May…)

Another one related with real events in my life: “Home is where your heart is. Body too, for a change. Last week’s eclipse reminded you of the value of family – not to mention leisure. You’ve been working too hard and your health has wobbled. Take a break. You’ll need all your wits to deal with job changes and career success. You’ve forgotten how to have fun.”

(I think this is the first and only on health issues. Curious that by then I was so worried with others’ health, hence the picture I selected of mothers with their serious heart condition children, during the Children’s Day celebration. Anyway, it points to a definitive change in terms of my priorities and projects.)

“Family dramas are not your problems, unless you choose to make them so. Family members change, but it doesn’t mean they love you any less. Besides, you have another fish to fry. (Again???) Your career is about to soar into a new orbit, so get the space suit neatly pressed. And don’t be put off by negative thinkers. Your ideas are good.”

(This should have helped me to pursuit my own dreams…)

“Love is not so much about what you say but what you do. (As if I didn’t know that.) And the pretty speeches are developing a hollow echo. (In me, presumably!) So here’s your test for the week: you must keep every promise (???), refrain from making promises you have no hope of keeping (???), arrive on time and stick to the plan (???). Sound dull? It’s not. It’s just love in action.”

(No further comments.)

I selected this one: “With the planets on strike, your mind has turned to mush, all logic has gone and you’ve forgotten where you live. Obviously, there are degrees of dilliness, but the idea is to tune into your instincts and follow your heart. Since emotion and heart live in the same place, you’ve managed to ignore both. Not any more.”

(I liked the idea that “emotion and heart live in the same place” contrasting with the (disturbing) statement that I don’t know where I live. I only think this is right because my mind was set into concrete, stones, long lists of building material and dos and don’ts. I was ignoring any feelings and I intend to keep things that way. Ergo, I obviously disagree with: “Not any more.”)

Early October: “It could be time to start thinking about next year’s career changes. That eternal need to go your own way is at it again. So if your secret desire for security has kept you in the back row, your ego is probably champing at the bit by now. Meanwhile, hopefully, you’ve learned a few lessons about diplomacy.” By mid October: “The world’s in a whirl as the planets of change attack. You’re asking whether you’re in the right job, relationship, life.. You wonder whether you can trust anyone again. This is not the greatest week, but it will pass. Meanwhile, climb under the duvet with a teddy. Next week will be better. Truly.”

(Ah, diplomacy! Ah, trust! Ah duvet-teddy suggestions!)

“Your life is flowing along nicely, without any interference from you. Even the eclipse on the 25th is on your side, creating a more interesting social life. Mind you, don’t carry valuables on the 26th. You could lose them. That aside, you’re exploring, traveling (or planning to) and inviting adventure.”

(In fact, there was some traveling involved. And I could have invited adventure, still nothing adventurous happened…)

“So who are you this time? And why is it that none of the rules apply? It’s a tough one. How about treating this week as a holiday from yourself? (The ? is mine.) You have cosmic permission to create a sparkling new you – adding or subtracting any ingredients you like. One more thing: keep the expectations to a minimum.” (I truly prefer to expect maximum and live in a permanent quest.)

Last but not least, the most accurate horoscope. It could easily apply to the whole year: “Working like a hound? At least the money’s picking up as you’re finally figuring out how to ensure you’re paid what you’re worth. Energy, initiative and enthusiasm will make a difference. If there’s drama with someone you love, try compassion. If you can’t manage that, just keep your mouth shut.”

(Unfortunately, I wasn’t genuinely good in terms of energy, initiative, enthusiasm and mouth shut.)