This Is Your Heart

For your own commodity, women are lambs
You mistake feelings for canine obedience
You mistake anything for submission

(You even mistake crime for art.)

No one in the whole world is more rebellious
Than I was, I am, I’ll be and want to be
I am a lioness and a lioness I shall remain

(You knocked at the wrong door.)

I wouldn’t submit myself to you or to anyone
Most certainly not to someone as cold as nordic stones
Someone as romantic as treacherous Atlantic seas

(Blindfolded games are reserved to someone I trust and admire.)

I’ve been exposing a lot of my own self
Hoping that fear and cowardice back you off
It was infantile of me, I have to admit

(You put your dirty cards on the table and I had to think fast…)

This is no longer (again) because of you or me
But the others you are hunting right now
They have the right to know a couple of things

(You are empty feelings, sick minded and not free, simply.)

And you have also the right to know what I know about you
You are submissive to your wife and dream the contrary
Besides (as if that wasn’t enough)
Your truly ugly heart (singularly) is so addicted and submissive
To my attention and love that cannot be really far

(And even stalk any man or woman who comes close.)

Now it’s time for a good free advice:
YOU are the opposite I love and aspire
YOU are nothing but a fart
YOU go click your wife’s arse.


6 thoughts on “This Is Your Heart

    1. Whatever. I am never wrong. I’ll keep this post for a very short while because I have the sensation that I already reached the people I could possibly reach in terms of alerting them. I had enough of this matter. (You are right about your reality being prosaic, though!)

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