The Couch

This is a short story about a serious candidate to the title Most Hated Couch in the World. That couch was bought by Paul a decade or so ago. He announced the acquisition very triumphantly: ‘I’ve just paid for an Italian style couch!’

We all reacted with incredulous worry: ‘Wuh, uh, uh, uh…’

The day the couch was delivered, the reception was pretty negative. We hated the Italian couch and we still hate it now. ‘Not even comfortable is!’ I remember to have protested.

However, hated as it is, we never had a couch so used for snoozing or just sitting like any good couch potato. It’s the elect for siestas, falling asleep during bad movies or even night vigilance, in case of our guard’s absence.

Three days ago I suggested: ‘Let’s buy a new one!’ You should see Paul’s reaction… He almost had a stroke!