Why Bother?

I shouldn’t be so attached to things, mainly the wearable kind. This attachment results in a multiplication of stuff that I cannot get rid of for (imagine!) sentimental reasons. Why three containers with bracelets when I usually only wear the simplest of them all? I have too many long dresses stored, waiting for imaginary red carpets or parties that I don’t go or want to go. Some of them are vintage and some are even signed by nice respectable names.

With such a wardrobe, no wonder last year I avoided changing summer into winter. We have such short, mild cold seasons that the effort is almost pointless. The operation took me a whole week and it’s not yet completed. I suspect it will never be.

I keep most of the same trousers. It’s just a question of removing five or six and substituting them for heavier ones, meaning flannels, velvets and that sort of fabrics. The majority is good for both seasons, although the last couple of years I only wear trousers once a month – or even less than that.

As for the long sleeve army, I just have to remember where I stocked them last September or October, when spring happens here. It’s almost the same with the shoes. I have to put the winter ones at reach and store most of the summer sandals.

One thing that I like (and missed a lot last year) is my winter pyjamas. I usually try to have comfort in mind and, at the same time, be creative. I may swap a few regular tops for t-shirts I am not wearing, usually those saying funny provocative stupid sentences.

I don’t know why short dresses are always a challenge in my turning of season’s wardrobe revolution. The system should be simple, since I have: 1) Summer dresses only. 2) Winter dresses only. 3) Good for both.

Basically, I took away white, yellow and green dresses. In the end, just because of that, my wardrobe looked so plainly dark! Then I remembered that winter dresses become just a dark base waiting to be accessorized. This is my shortlist of wearable stuff capable of introducing colour and changing the winter mood: cardigans, collants (tights?) and, only because I’ve been following this latest trend for ages, trousers. I know I could add a few more, like scarves or even bracelets, but I just named my favorite three.

As for new addictions, I got a couple of new dresses and trousers, all nice and unpretentious like local winters are. Imagine a cold season without jackets or winter coats… That is not a proper winter! That is a winter you can simply forget to change your wardrobe or conclude the gesture to be a simple waste of time.