Nails, Tattoos and Roughness

I am a one post a week blogger and only fashion related subjects would force me to change that. I’m afraid this particular matter might be dated in a week or so.

In terms of fashion, people are divided in three groups: a) Those who don’t care about fashion, betting on their own style (if they have one deserving to be called that); b) Those who only follow the trends they like or suit them; 3) And those who blindly (or almost blindly) follow most of the trends, be it in fashion, culture, etcetera.

I decided to post about the (obvious) above statement if I could find at least three trends I wouldn’t follow. The first (and obvious) is long pointy nails. I never liked long or pointy nails and it’s not because a couple of nice people out there are showing them that I am changing my opinion. Very long nails always translated two things: poor hygiene or money to sit and do nothing. I like clean and energetic, so I politely pass this one.

Long nails are in part related with the other two “no trends” I picked: tattoos and rough sex. I can understand tattoos in a playful perspective, not a definitive one. I am too changeable to accept a definitive mark in my own skin. Although, curiously, having serious doubts about the immutability of things, I am someone believing that things deserving to be perpetuated are not seen or perceived by other people, like tattoos are.

I can give you an example of how tattoos are only one aspect of the superficial and empty culture of today. I know women who opted for little flowers or small butterflies, some in very intimate spots of their bodies, with the evident objective of showing their gentle, feminine nature. I always suspected and always will, since those cases I know to have picked such kind of tattoos are, in fact, the opposite of what they intended to show when picking such tattoos.

I would like to believe that our actions, feelings, ideas and beauty (as human beings) are the only thing worth to perpetuate. A tattoo cannot change the temporality of things. On the contrary, people who opt for tattoos for this and that might be simply addicted, blind followers of a trend or victims of too many temporary stances in their lives and, with tattoos, they are trying to change the obvious. One day they look back at the little butterfly on their ankles and will remember the moment when they at least had the intention to be an example of discreet femininity.

Finally, my third no goes to rough sex, be it with short or long nails. I already suspected that rough sex could be a senseless trend because I perceived a few bumpkins I know buying it. Rough sex is good for them as good specimens of a growing population who cannot experience pleasure and fulfillment in the contacts they have with the opposite sex (or the same sex). They cannot find any better reason for sex than spanking.

It seems rough sex became popular only because of a bad written book. The critic I read concluded: “a smutty chronicle of second-rate sex fantasy… which is very badly written.” I especially liked the passage where the critic confessed that the “sex scenes make you want to throw up out of boredom.” I am so happy not to be the only one feeling like that when I read that kind of blah, blah, blah! It’s curious that I felt precisely the same when I read a few lines of the same kind on the net. I automatically thought: this is pure bullshit. Someone who knows what is talking about can guess a fake situation just by reading the first couple of lines. Good sex is not like that. Love certainly is not like that. So we are back to what I said: rough sex is for those who don’t even know what love or sex is.

The fact is that I associate that kind of sexuality with: 1) Lack of education. The best cases of bonding came from the news and are signed by people uneducated or even mentally disturbed. It happened one this year, in Portugal, where a man treated his wife as if she was a dog. Literally. 2) Lack of response to stimulation, what most of the time reveals a very poor level of external (and emotional) perceptivity and sensitivity. Call it frigidity or impotence, if you prefer. 3) Incapacity of reading and seeing trends and qualifying them as nonsense. 3) Lack of self-esteem. 4) Greasy, unclean hair. 5) Fat and flabby white flesh. 6) Kinky people (even professional paddlers call them that).

I just described the rough sex that is shown everywhere. How can that be trendy? Only among bumpkins, for sure. It’s not by chance that the only male paddler that I read recently, before revealing his kinkiness (eventually reassured by the trend), confessed openly his incapacity of experiencing feelings and I sincerely believe that his incapacity travels a lot further than he let perceive.

If you have to be content with sexual experiences only, emptied of any emotional content, at least try to master pleasure. Don’t leave it in the hands of any incompetent pumpkin of this world. Sex (if sex means real pleasure) doesn’t have to be a circus involving whipping, caning or flogging.

In fact, sex doesn’t have to be labeled. Just like the capacity of love exists in you and is cultivated by you, physical pleasure is only what you are. You get what you master. You get what you look for. You get what you deserve. If it’s a whip, be it a whip. Just don’t make a culture out of it because you cannot solve boredom and impotency with aggressive gadgets. Or hot wax. Or fading hands.