They Aren’t Made for Walking

Even if I still wear short sleeves during the day, there are two unmistakable signs of winter: pinkish sunsets and long sleeves at night.

I had planned only two shoes acquisitions this winter: a new pair of boots and black flat shoes. This week I found the flat shoes (pumps, I suppose, we call them sabrinas) and decided against the boots. The reason is simple: I couldn’t find boots attractive enough to make me forget the seven pairs I already got: 1 tight black walking boots, 1 dark brown beatnik boots (both pairs made in Switzerland), 1 black ankle boots, 1 salmon ankle boots (the last two are made in France), 1 maroon suede boots (India) and finally 2 pairs of shoeboots (Portugal).

I still love my boots and they are in perfect condition. With such short cold seasons, how could it be otherwise?


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