Best of June 2012

It could be the Euro 2012. No doubt I lost a few hours watching the matches. However, I am glad to have other reasons to rate as best. I am just picking one of them.

For more than one aspect, June 21 was important. Our ballet teacher, who might be leaving Mozambique by September, exclaimed: ‘You look so good dancing together!’ I was too shy to ask if she was including me. As she referred to the group, I suppose she was. In such case, I have reasons to be proud not to spoil the ensemble where I am the only one without professional background.

I’ve been working so hard that I easily feel sick the next day, especially if I make some silly nutritional mistake. Before leaving us, our teacher promised intense classes. When she says something like that I know I am her main target. On the 26th she spent part of the class twisting my feet with her own hands. In the end she said: ‘You have beautiful, strong feet!’ And repeated the same to the group, as if that represented a promise of future deeds.

The approval didn’t stop there. Yes, my best of June are nice words, how they make us feel good and special. She asked me to photograph the group before she left, because she liked very much my pictures. I started yesterday, a special dancing day because we left the studio to live a bit of Maputo by night. This is already a goodbye to a dancer who is leaving for Italy in a week or so.

Our ballet group is very international, with students from the USA, Russia, Italy, Australia and more. We all felt like orphans when our Mexican teacher told us about the end of her classes. She was clear: ‘As I can’t see a single person capable of replacing me, better if you try to keep the group running by itself, since you are all capable of dancing without coaching.’ That explains why she has been so hard with me. I suppose she wants to make sure I’ll dance with the others without her twisting and praising.