I was on the fast lane of the road to happiness. A song, that’s all it took me to mortal speed. When I drive on that road, I just don’t care about any sort of detail. Even the stars predicted such trip, even if they forgot to mention how short it would be:

“Happy, happy, happy. Everything’s suddenly going right, and you are having a ball. Even so, there’s a chance of over-expansive behaviour and lunatic moves. This is not the moment to write your name on that yacht. It’s a time for harmless fun and a rediscovery of your inner child. There are good times to be had here. What are you waiting for?” (P-r-e-c-i-s-e-l-y!)

Somehow I am still there. I know that sooner or later I shall discover that I live there. I’ll never leave that road.

The next day was ballerina’s night out. Having in mind that, the hardest I tried I couldn’t feel unhappy. We put something on after the class and searched a nice corner of Maputo to chill out. By the end of the night I had no memories of that song.

(Happiness, dear friend, lives in us. ☺ )