To Be Somebody

I bought the partially pictured apron not because of the sentence itself but the letter b. You know, b as in Sea – b – ell. Yet, since my right hand Tieta went on holidays, the sentence has been playing in my mind. When she is not around, for instance, I am different: I have to wake up earlier and do things that I am not used to do.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not the kind to have doubts about who I am or ambitions of fame and notoriety. I love quietness too much for that.

My problem with “b somebody” is my capacity of being too many things at the same time. Let’s see. I am familiar with writing, editing, cooking and organizing. Fashion, photography and dancing are also fields that I like. Which one should I develop to “b somebody”?

My mother used to repeat: ‘Mestre de sete ofícios, capa rota.’ That is a Portuguese saying, meaning more or less: if you have seven jobs, you master none of them. That worries me and leaves me with another doubt: ‘Would I rather be good at one than average at many?’