To Be Love

The cultural influence of Spain has been growing in this town and I am thankful for that. The way Spanish people live and express their joy of living is far more recommendable than any other available. Besides, it suits a lot better the happy nature of this people.

A local café advertised tapas at sunset and I was there for two days in a row. The sunset and the tapas were mediocre. The first day, upon our arrival, I noticed a funeral car parked nearby. Therefore, when I saw a party of twenty or so, not far from our own table, I automatically thought funeral. I’ve seen the most amazing ways to pay respect to dead people around here. The restaurant would be just a first, not the most surprising of them all. As I watched them rise, say a short prayer and toast with champagne, I couldn’t avoid expressing my suspicion loud: ‘A funeral!’

‘It’s not a funeral,’ someone corrected. ‘It’s a wedding.’

‘Is it?’ I doubted. ‘It could fool me.’

In fact, I had never seen such a wedding in my whole life and I only accepted the idea because, meanwhile, I spotted the wedding cake over the table. It wasn’t the place or the simplicity of the all thing. I couldn’t spot the groom or the bride at once. To tell you the truth, the first thing I saw was her naked feet. She walked barefoot around the rectangular table and she looked ravishing as any bride should look.

Love has no rules and no age, that’s what I learned while eating my sunset tapas. If you are in love, it shows. She was in love with her new husband. She had only eyes for him. She couldn’t perceive, like I did, that in the same table sat another man also in love with her. Answering to one of her friends, she explained she was wearing tights designed for sandals. When she was giving this explanation, that man almost froze. Yet, she was completely unaware of him.

When you are in love, you glow. Something tells it. And if by chance you deny it, it just gets worse and worse. You see it everywhere. You are not only in love. You become love.