Finally, a Throne!

Happiness is a fascinating subject, don’t you agree? We feel unhappy because we want things that we don’t have or cannot have. In alphabetical order, those things usually are:







I suppose I named the important ones. Now the question is: if they are equally important, how can we feel heavenly happy when it’s almost impossible to score maximum at the six of them? Bliss seems to be reserved for the gods while mortals are happy for very short periods, when scoring maximum at one or two modalities allows them to forget less successful areas.

I trust a lot more in what I call “little happiness”. This kind of happiness is not little at all. On the contrary, it can be an amazing strong feeling. I just call it “little” because it is caused by little events, things that we are not aware most of the time. I discovered “little happiness” when I was walking home and a gentle breeze played with my hair and my skirt. That moment was so perfect and symmetrical (breeze & I) that I remember to feel happy all day long. If we want to cultivate such happiness, we have to be attentive to positive signs around us. It’s not that difficult.

I also trust in the kind of happiness that lives inside of us. Sometimes more evident than others, it never fails. Maybe “resident happiness” is fed by the “little happinesses”. I cannot be sure of that aspect. I just know that it’s always there.

It’s funny to be talking about happiness when my first intention was talking about power. From the above list I am attracted to health, love, money and self-accomplishment. Power and fame (the excessive attention of others) don’t belong to my wishing list. even though many people use money, love and self-accomplishment as means to power and fame (and vice versa), I don’t see it that way. I only relate money with fun, self-accomplishment with inner struggles and love with pure happiness (preferably plenitude, the perfect side of happiness).

A throne is automatically associated with power. I believe some people feel happy because they are powerful. They find happiness that (silly) way. As I am indifferent either to power or fame, in the sense that I would feel miserable if I had to make a living out of one or the two of them, I thought I would automatically despise thrones. I am not so sure of that since I found a few seats I call“thrones”” owing to their privileged position. I’m fond of 4 thrones with strategic views over the bay. And I know I love those thrones because, instead of power or fame, they give me the sort of happiness I found when I am synchronized with nature.