1, 2, 3…

Three seems to be the right amount of cold in Mozambique. It used to be three months: June, July and August. This year it resumed to one week of July and two of August. A week ago people where already “celebrating summer” with temperatures reaching the 30ºC. I told they should expect a surprise.

The surprise came with the first day of September. The tide at Costa do Sol was so high we had to cross the car-racing track to make it back home. Strong south winds (suladas) mean rain. The showers arrived right after the second sulada. It has been raining for two days now. The result? Goodbye summer. The winds brought a lot more than rain. Cold, for instance. An imperative need of change in a capsule of wishes. I had already started a timid move towards summer by trashing most of my collection of nail shades. It’s too easy to be triumphalist.