Neither Do I

When I recently read the interview of someone stating she would never talk or comment about past or current relationships, my first reaction was suspicion. It’s hard to believe a woman (that woman in particular) not talking about it in a circle of close friends. It’s almost against nature. Then I remembered that as a principle I don’t talk about relationships too. I have the amazing tendency of forgetting past relationships. And then, when less expected, they emerge in some way, usually in the shape of thoughts or written words – seldom physically. Even though talking about relationships is very rare, I have to confess I don’t deserve a medal for that since I always lived with boys and they don’t seem particularly interested in hearing about other boys.

I intended to publish my usual Friday post later, maybe Saturday, but then I was assaulted with this incredible sensation that my life is about to change radically. The source of this impression is clear: ballet classes with a proper teacher are almost over and what comes next is a complete mystery. I don’t feel I could have done more because I don’t want to hurt myself. For a reason ballet is preferably learned from the age of 3 or 4. It would take 2 or 3 times more (I am guessing) for an adult to learn the same. I am glad to say I am in one piece and still learned quite a lot.

The first and most important lesson is that I cannot find teachers staying in Mozambique long enough to make a difference to my progress. I have to do it alone and at the same time take advantage of any available opportunity. I learned self-commitment and that is a fundamental element of ballet.