Hot and Famous

Two emblematic restaurants survived the winds of change in Mozambique. One of them is Costa do Sol, soon to receive a facelift. We used to visit Costa do Sol often until I felt disappointed with a couple of things. We should visit it now and then because restaurants change and one bad aspect keeping us away can easily be solved and we avoid a place that we like for no reason at all.

I was already decided to return to Costa do Sol when I was informed that the makeover will start by the end of September. ‘We wait for the end of the works,’ I suggested. ‘Let’s try Piripiri. It’s ages since we don’t go there.’

Piripiri has the advantage of being situated in town. It used to be very popular in the sixties and seventies. It was sold around 1975, right after the independence. It crossed really difficult times when the shops were empty and food rationalized. The eighties must have been traumatizing for a restaurateur.

The restaurant owner is still the same, a survivor of almost 20 years of hardships of war and socialism. Having in mind an average table occupation of 100% from twelve noon to 3pm (I can only imagine the evenings), no wonder my comment: ‘He is collecting the results of his courage and persistence.’

If you wonder why a restaurant like Piripiri is still so popular these days, besides the location and fame, here are a few reasons: piri-piri, beer, nice starters, chicken and many more. In reality, I was remembered how special this restaurant is because two couples occupying the next table were taking pictures with the cover of the restaurant menu as if a hunting trophy.