Saved by the Belt

The previous weekend I reached the very bottom of exhaustion. Physically I am okay and emotionally I’ve never felt this well. However, the lack of energy has been worrying. I already asked myself why and got the answer. It’s so easy to plan our lives around any lazy program and so damn difficult to start the day implementing physical goals instead of breakfast, chair and computer. That half an hour of morning exercise, where I ask my body to remember basic dance routines, is killing me. I don’t know when I’ll accept as normal this spartan side of my life, completely untuned with my hedonistic nature. Maybe never. Still I keep doing it. Dancing or exercising is above all a social thing. Waking up and asking your body to perform is a total different level of self-commitment.

Besides my morning challenge, I’m still thinking wardrobe and summer. I know that I’ll have just one shot in terms of buying new stuff. It’s going to happen somewhere in November and the place is South Africa. I hope to spend a fruitful time searching the aisles of a couple of shops selling local young designers, some already known and some yet to be discovered.

Meanwhile, I have to stick with my old summer wardrobe. Most of it I still like and shall (hopefully) like for a very long time. There’s a handful of stuff I got a little tired of, mainly the floral dresses since it’s easier to feel tired of floral patterns than the plain ones. I find in belts a simple yet effective way of changing the feeling of such dresses, like for instance the one I am currently wearing with a green belt or the ones I decided to keep since I tried them on with a red and a yellow vintage belt. There are other ideas I’ll put into action while waiting for our November shopping trip. In terms of shoes I don’t think I am going to change my usual options, but that is going to be a matter for my next post.


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