Which Shoe Are You?

I was wondering what kind of shoes I need or fancy for this summer when I found an article published in one of those magazines I keep for no apparent reason. The idea is simple: we are the shoes that we wear. That’s what I’ll try to find out today.

Basically, women can be one of eight options:

1. The court shoes – “Your values are basic: work hard, get paid well, use your brain, and treasure your family and friends.”

2. The killer stilettos – “If you are towering above people, your confidence peaks… It’s a curious contradiction: you feel powerful in them even though you can barely walk.”

3. Ballet flats, loafers and pumps – “Flat-shoe wearers have a lot of drive, diplomacy and get the job done. They’ll solve friends’ problems as fast as they solve their own.”

4. The trainer – “Weather you are dashing to the gym or around town, the trainer wearer loves being in motion. But some people wear trainers just for comfort, and they’re lazier.”

5. Flip-flops and flat sandals – “”The only make-up you need is sunscreen, although the transition from poolside to all-occasion wear can go too far. Flip-flops show you have a ‘resort’ attitude, living at an easy pace. Sandals could be the perfect compromise… and have sex appeal as they expose the whole foot.”

6. Peep-toes, strappy heels and teetering wedges – “Wearers of either type are happy with their femininity – they make a sassy entrance, as people get a peek of toe cleavage. Wedges show you can balance sexiness with being grounded – they are high, but still give support.”

7. Mary Janes – You are sweet, but still sexually charged. Neatness and coordination are key, too. Pale pink, yellow and mint green are essential parts of your color scheme.”

8. Mules, clogs and crocs – The clog type likes solidity under her feet. Her vibe is mellow: she’s creative and has a spirituality that gives everything she does a sort of gravitas.”

I believe the main thing is to pick the right shoe for the right occasion. Having said that, 3 and 5 are my first choices. I guess the kind of shoe I am reveals: drive, diplomacy and competence. On the other side, as a flip-flop and sandals entity, I have a ‘resort’ attitude, living at an easy pace. Kind of a contradiction, isn’t it?

Anyway, if I had to pick between 3 and 5 I would definitively say 5. In the end, I am just a seaside girl. That’s who I am.


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