Best of October 2012

Every year I lose someone or something that I love. Maybe because I don’t love a lot, the sense of loss is overwhelming. I take it as a way of reminding me that eternity is a mirage.

I broke my vintage sunglasses. It was strange because they seemed securely pegged yet the sound of the glass hitting the hard floor alerted me to the disaster. I smiled. It can be the case that after all I am an optimistic someone. I collected the two pieces the object of my affection had become: the glasses and one of the pair of lenses, now loose. It seemed a simple case of framing, alas the frame itself was quite broken.

I was in the process of adding those sunglasses to the list of people and things that I cannot replace when I found a new pair of glasses I also love. Besides, I talked with my optometrist about the fate of my favorite glasses and he said, with a hint of hopefulness, “I shall see what I can do about it.”

I am getting there. I am not the only hopeful person in this world. I am not the only one understanding the love for things either. They won’t be the same glasses but I can still keep them… and maybe even wear them from time to time.

To a certain extent, what could’ve been the worst of October became the best: I have a new pair of sunglasses and my favorite ones can still be fixed. Things can be mended. Even though I act differently, maybe nothing is beyond repair.


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