Best of November 2012

I had many options for best this November. It could be my recent trip to Durban, or the home makeover actually going on, but I just can’t resist a “good” story.

I opened an account somewhere else. The reason was simple: I wanted to have a poetry blog and suddenly that place seemed a good choice. A few weeks later I had learned the following: 1) It is a good place for artists to show their talent and some of them have a lot of talent to show. 2) Yet, it seems to run under a flexible system allowing predators to stalk bloggers and control whatever they do.

Yes, if I were a hunter I would hit the target every time I fired a gun. Do you know what I found in there? A hideous predator, one I had already denounced, serial stalking under the cover of a popular blog and a couple of more or less other popular blogs, all protected by the available anonymity. He is completely at ease in there, passing for a respectful poet, photographer, doodler and maybe more, with some appealing piece of someone else’s features as avatar to lure any available prey.

Some of his stalking actions are allowed by a couple of blinded bloggers who are hosting him. That’s why I ask and recommend people to keep an eye on that blog, and this blog too, so that he doesn’t do the same. The blogger (or bloggers – I am only sure of one) he has been using for a very loooooooong time is completely unaware that he is only using her. Such bloggers allow him most of the stalking, and all the other abusive actions he has been doing and does.

His main target are now Asian women and he even let me perceive he is freely feasting on them, as if eating peanuts, hopping from one to the next. And you know what? Despite those friendly hosting blogs (women thinking they have something going on with that man) and despite all those eager for new adventures Asian bloggers, he still dares to demand my attention, maybe with the intention of using me too, even knowing that I know what he does, how he looks and who he is.

I don’t want to elaborate a lot more. A predator is a predator and I learned that it’s not at internet level that I can knock him down, unless I could openly reveal his true identity. I can’t. I have to protect myself and believe that the steps I took and shall take will be enough to stop him.

He is not the only one and probably not the most dangerous, just one of those pretty active smooth operators. His crime is not serial adultery, as you probably already realized. His crime is WRONG USE of technology at his disposal, especially taking in consideration his religious position, and serial spying and stalking people UNAWARE of his presence, including taking pictures of them and publishing them without their knowledge and consent. This is a serious matter, not a joke.

To avoid becoming one of his blind victims you have to blind him first by following 3 steps:

1) Be attentive and intuitive to changes and sounds coming from computers, TVs, phones, routers, car systems, freezers and other possible appliances. Lines on your TV screen, sound turning down by itself and a disobedient remote control, despite new batteries, can be one of his tricks. Computers unexpectedly shutting down, humming and clicking are not okay. He can be there silently, but if he likes what he sees sooner or later he signals his presence just to check his chances of turning a blinded prey into a passive and confused frightened one.

2) Keep your screens covered or up on the wall, as a rule and even when not turned on. Don’t sleep in front of them. Don’t try to use them as a palliative to boredom and loneliness. Go out more often and meet nice people. Be discreet in front of any sort of screen and avoid tech gadgets inside your room and bathroom.

3) Ban direct lights and change to abajours or any other type of fittings offering opaque protection.

If him or others like him enter your house, they will leave soon if the place is not predator friendly. In some homes he just takes a bite, in others he feasts for months or years.


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  1. If you are wondering why I picked such an old unpleasant matter as a best, I have to explain that for the first time someone seems to be listening.

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