Best of December 2012… and a Few More

I decided to close 2012 summarizing a few Festive Seasons. When I started this blog I was contemplating the possibility of leaving Mozambique. I had no reasons to stay, no roots in this land. But other people created those roots and they tie me up all the same.

2006 to 2007
By the end of 2006 I was struck upon the quietness of this town after Christmas, when people select Ponta do Ouro, Inhambane or some other destination to say good-bye to the old and salute the new. It was a rainy New Year’s Eve. We had a good party night at Clube Naval.

2007 to 2008
One year later I was feeling very political. It is interesting to see how those who supported the one I aimed by then are so absolutely critical towards him now. I noted four reasons to remember December 2007: 1) Visiting Macaneta beach to toast the summer. 2) Homecomings. 3) Learning more about photography. 4) Having fun at the club swimming pool. And then, suddenly, on the 28th of December, shortly before 11am, the confirmation arrived. In twenty-four hours time my luggage had to be ready. On December 30 my breakfast was already in Europe. To be more precise, as soon as the plane landed I was on the road to Seville, in Spain, where Réveillon 2007 happened, probably the best of this series.

2008 to 2009
I ended 2008 and greeted 2009 with a giving attitude. I spent the last days before Christmas 2008 working to give presents to a bit more than one hundred kids, something useful and something playful for each one of them, and food too. The 24th was half spent on dirt roads to reach the institution where the nuns teach and shelter 250 children on the outskirts of Marracuene village, nearly 100 of them in a permanent basis. A third are alone in this world.

I complained a lot about 2008 New Year’s Eve, still at Naval. I suppose I was missing Seville.

2009 to 2010
I returned from Europe just a few days before Christmas 2009. We traveled to Europe carrying with us a real underwater treasure. It was exciting and sad carrying a silver treasure that wasn’t mine. Anyway, the only thing I keep remembering of that particular time was a terrible flight experience. Nothing else.

I didn’t sleep on the 25th of December not out of excitement for presents received. The consequence of my insomnia became one of the most gratifying Christmas experiences I had.

One year later I was more materialistic since one of the posts of that time was about gifts. Still, I selected Costa do Sol fishermen as a cause. Besides the materialistic-altruistic approach, I was still trying to find positive out of negative – as I always do. Positive people don’t get hurt easily. They just get confused and then it’s up to them to decide if they like or want to live like that. I don’t. So I listed 12 good reasons to like 2010. They ranged from trips to home makeovers.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve were particularly quiet. Christmas was family business, as usual, and we went to Miradouro to toast the New Year and watch the fireworks.

I think this year will be a replica of the previous one. Despite counting with more people for Christmas, I don’t intend to cook a lot. It’s far too hot for that. I am more into enjoying than sweating. I decided to post about past festive seasons just to confirm two suspicions: a) Those roots I talked about are making us a lot more sedentary and I kind of resent that. b) It’s almost three years now that I don’t feel confused. I know the ground where I was and where I am now. And it’s good to be here.