About Writing and Happiness

I haven’t been into writing lately because I have other vital things to do. I am only reminded that I used to write when I find disperse notes or even newspaper or magazine clippings on subjects I would like to write about. I know I have to redesign my life so that the writer has a place in there.

One of those articles confirms that richness has very little to do with happiness, something I already blogged about having in mind the Mozambican people. Two years ago, January 2011, way before the actual monetary crisis, Europeans (with France leading) already topped as the saddest people on the planet. According to the same article, the happiest by then were from Nigeria, Vietnam or Afghanistan. Curious, isn’t it? Maybe we have to pick one of the two (money or happiness) and move to somewhere else.

Other data on the article revealed:

The saddest: French, Icelanders, Romanians and British. The happy list: Nigerians, Vietnamese, Ghanaians and Afghans. By then (I don’t think things changed or improved until now), even Iraqis and Bangladeshis were happier than any Western nation.

Rich and gloomy were fast growing countries such as Brazil, China and India. There were also the poor and unhappy: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Latvia and Romania.

Why are the rich so unhappy? Sometimes the better people live, the more they complain while for those who have almost nothing even the simple air they breathe is a wonderful thing.

Opportunely, the French 2010 misérabilisme found its expression two years later in the awarded movie Les Miserables. And there’s also Bugarach, the village supposed to be the only safe haven from the global apocalypse predicted for Dec 2012 by ancient Mayans. So you see, au bout du chagrin une fenêtre ouverte une fenêtre eclairée.