Too Many after Too Little

A good while ago I started a list of possible English words of love because I realized it could be quite boring to use only common expressions such as “my love” or “my dear”.

I never finished that list and I suppose I never will. I had it in my hands recently: hundreds of words collected. Instead of trashing it right away, I thought I could post about it just in case someone else had the courage to improve and finish what I’d started. This is a small part of that list:

my ace – my ache – my acquamarine – my acquarelle – my adagio – my addiction – my adored – my air – my all – my always – my amulet – my anchor – my anchorage – my answer – my anyway – my anywhere – my aphrodisiac – my arousal – my arpeggio – my arrow – my artery – my asset – my aura – my aurora – my awe – my azure

my balm – my bard – my bay – my beau – my berry – my bitter-sweet – my blaze – my bless – my bliss – my blood – my blue – my boat – my book – my bowman – my boy – my brave – my bread – my breath – my breeze – my brew – my brick – my brightness – my brownie – my brume – my bubble – my bunny – my burner

my candy – my care – my castle – my cello – my cellist – my certitude – my chain – my challenge – my chance – my change – my chant – my chapter – my character – my charm – my chemistry – my chevalier – my choice – my comet – my companion – my completeness – my compositor – my compote – my compulsion – my concept – my concert – my condiment

my dangler – my dawn – my day – my daylight – my dearness – my delight – my desert – my desire – my dessert – my destination – my destiny – my devil – my devotion – my dew – my diamond – my diluvium – my direction – my divinity – my dogma – my drama – my dream – my dreamer – my dreamland – my drink – my drizzle – my drop of everything

Despite the potential of the following (emerald, emperor, enigma, enjoyment, escape, essence, eternity and evasion), I left the job for someone with more e-v-a-s-i-o-n time than mine.


2 thoughts on “Too Many after Too Little

  1. Hi Seabell. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I really like this list. I think any word can be made to convey love so long as the voice/tone, body, and/or context are all in agreement.

    I also love the theme of the sea. I was born in a maritime place that I’ve since moved away from, but the ocean of my birth still calls to me sometimes in dreams and on cloudy days.

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