Best of March 2013

The holiday closing this month (Easter) is hugely compromised by the flu. Everybody got it and now it’s my cook’s turn. I enjoy cooking but I’ve been recovering from a bad cold and probably that same flu. I feel extremely tired and unmotivated. It has been hard to see my family and staff falling sick one by one. As you may guess, March wasn’t particularly bright. would be almost impossible to find a best if by chance I hadn’t discovered a book I had a major role in writing and editing already in its 4th edition – a best seller for local standards. I am not talking very large editions since this is a very small market. Anyway, it’s very rewarding to be part of such a successful writing project.


4 thoughts on “Best of March 2013

  1. So sorry illness has knocked the wind from your sails, and those around you! But that is wonderful news about that book. Hoping you are well and celebrating that joy so soon!

    1. Massive flu is something new in this country, worrying new since the majority has little resources to fight back. I am posting a bitter text about it. Thank you. 🙂

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