Sunsets, Ballet and Closets

If you wonder about what I’ve been doing lately besides writing about relationships and my demanding family life, I can tell you that I’ve been watching sunsets, trying to keep myself focused on ballet and experiencing the joys of a virtual closet. Apparently, all good activities.

I have my doubts about the virtual closet. For quite sometime I’ve been trying to organize my things. I was delighted to discover a few applications offering just what I needed. However, I am not yet sure if it’s going to work in practical terms. I realized that most of the people using such closets like to show off. With far too many dresses to manage, my intention is purely organizational. Hopefully, the closet will remind me of some of the items I tend to forget.

I already detected a bad side. With an internet service as slow as a snail, the closet is taking lots of my very precious time. I also ask myself how much I’ll have to pay for this new toy. Last month, my phone bill was 5.000 meticais, two local minimum wages (almost 200USD). Having in mind that I hardly use my phone, something is not right. Now, with the closet working, I wonder how much I’ll have to pay just to check my own stuff. Eventually, I’ll pay more just to see it than the actual cost of my own real closet.