Are You Made of Sugar, Daddy?

Unlikely me, my heroines look for love and, even though they are disappointed most of the times, never stop believing that one day their fate will change. In my mind, women are the knights of the XXI century.

But there is a remarkable abysm between my characters and flesh and blood. My female characters are motivated by love and happiness, a contradiction of what I observe around me.

Maybe as a consequence of poor social conditions and the hardness of civil war, local women are extremely materialistic. I’ve been witnessing it over and over and I just don’t understand why I opt for ignoring it.

Now imagine that you have a friend or a cousin who falls into marrying the wrong kind of girl. He knows, we all know, and we cannot do a thing about it. The presumable escapist I’ve been talking about is only an example of many others. A large percentage of locals just want a “sugar daddy” to facilitate a life of ease and luxury. Wigs, stiletto and fake nails are only a part of their lifestyle, and they don’t come cheap. It doesn’t matter if you have children together or are tied by matrimony. If you cannot fulfill your sugar daddy obligations any longer, the search for a new one begins.

This happens at all levels. Our guard Alexandre tried to cut his wife’s allowance and she run away with one of their children, leaving him penniless with the eldest. It took him a couple of months to convince her that he was making enough money to satisfy her needs. How this story ended? He was seen stealing the car of a neighbour and the police kept him locked for days. As a result, we are looking for a new guard… again!

Having a sugar daddy is the aim of any local female, from early school years to mature adulthood. My chef Tieta has had a few along the line and only regrets not having a wealthy husband because that is the ultimate sugar daddy… a secure one! But her story is only marginal to my present worries.

All those girls and mature women looking for a sugar daddy puzzle me. They exist because they exist. Some men spread sugar with a surprising willingness. Take for instance Portugal, a country in a deep crisis. How can a sugar daddy, most probably with a Portuguese family of his own, have enough cash to pay travel and expenses of a sugar daddy-seeker, even if not a very demanding one?

Sugar daddy is just a term hiding the word I don’t want to put down here to avoid the triplication of obscene spam messages. The two parts are just bypassing the fact that he not as sugary as he lets perceive and, whatever status she has, she is nothing else but a p…, or a former p…, disguised as something else. Sugar daddy hunter, maybe?

As it is evident, the sugar daddy thing is temporary. After the first bites, he realizes he is paying for s…, probably not even a good one. Meanwhile, she got more than he got from the adventure. That’s the advantage of materialism. You can count the profits. Motivated by the results, she starts looking for another sugar daddy, presumably in a different country so that she can add to her curriculum another scenery of escapism. She takes her time. She has one year to lure her next sugar daddy.

I’ve been systematically ignoring that part of the female universe. I idealized a different one, where women are straight, fierce and proud. Still, I am starting to believe I have to divide that universe in three parts, because, besides the sugar daddy-seekers, I have to make room for another category I shall talk about next week: the needy ones. Really? As it seems, extraordinary women can be counted with our fingers or they only exist in books.